International Symposium on
6G Networking

22-23 Nov. 2021, Lisbon, Portugal

About The Event

About The Symposium

The need for accelerating the digitalisation of economies and societies, as per the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, is, among others, pushing for the sixth generation (6G) of mobile communications system. Hereby, 6G will continue the trajectory set out by its precedent 5G to establish an intelligent “society” with ubiquitous connections for all entities, both physical and virtual, under the trend of cyber-physical fusion.
Along with 6G, new applications and services, with extremely demanding requirements, will emerge. These new applications include, but are not limited to, Holographic Type Communications; Haptic Communications; High Precision Communications and Extremely Low-Latency Communications. Moreover, networking capabilities will continue their convergence across terrestrial, spatial and maritime connectivity, while being deeply intertwined with the ubiquitous computing power that increasingly surrounds us and will, in the near future, be deeply embedded into the networking infrastructure itself.
The original design of IP networking, adopted in the Internet as well as in cellular systems, focuses on one key pillar, namely ensuring global reachability through suitable packet forwarding mechanisms that would principally support best-effort services, along with the support of some differentiated services to a certain extent. However, the efficiency of current IP networking principles becomes highly questionable in the light of new required capabilities that include aspects such as precision delivery, collective communications, qualitative communications, support for high dynamicity, constraint-based addressing & routing, intrinsic security, and programmability of forwarding actions, just to name a few. The growing amount and diversified nature of both data and services, particularly the “highly interactive, highly bandwidth-intensive, and highly latency-sensitive” ones, call for fundamentally new and innovative networking principles. In this vein, the design of the control plane as well as the data forwarding mechanisms of the data plane need to be entirely rethought to cope with the dynamics of future networks and services.
The objective of this symposium is to offer a platform for experts in the areas of communications, networking, cloud computing, and the related disciplines to meet and exchange ideas and information on how to re-think Networking Fundamentals in an attempt to provide the required capabilities through innovations that may extend the original fundamentals of what makes out the Internet and also cellular systems today in order to be ready for proliferating highly-demanding 6G services. For this purpose, the symposium’s organizing committee will invite top experts in the general field of networking to share their views with the intention to inspire the community with potential directions of research and innovations.


Lisbon, Portugal


Monday and Tuesday
22-23 Nov. 2021


Honorary General Chair

Speaker 1

Matti Latva-aho

The University of Oulu, Finland

General Chair

Speaker 1

Dirk Trossen

Huawei, Germany

Speaker 1

Rui Luis Aguiar

Universidade de Aveiro, Instituto de Telecomunicacoes, Portugal

Speaker 1

Tarik Taleb

Aalto University and The University of Oulu, Finland

Distinguished Talks Chairs

Speaker 1

Akihiro Nakao

The University of Tokyo, Japan

Speaker 1

Xavier Costa

NEC Labs Europe, Germany

Panel Chairs

Speaker 1

Imen Grida Ben Yahia

Orange, France

Speaker 1

Kiran Makhijani

Futurewei, USA

Speaker 1

Ari Pouttu

The University of Oulu, Finland

Sponsor Chairs

Speaker 1

Konstantinos Samdanis

Nokia Bell Labs, Germany

Speaker 1

Rajarajan Sivaraj

Mavenir, USA

Publicity & Social Media Chairs

Speaker 1

Jaafar Elmirghani

University of Leeds, UK

Speaker 1

Marja Matinmikko-Blue

University of Oulu, Finland

Local Organizing Chairs

Speaker 1

Fatma Marzouk

Telecommunications Institute and U. Aveiro


Speaker 1

Oussama El Marai

Aalto University, Finland

Speaker 1

Abderrahmane Abada

Aalto University, Finland

Event Schedule

Monday, November 22nd


Opening of the event

S1- Network as a service

Diego Garcia Lopez


Kashiff Mahmood


Sebastien Robitzsch


Volker Ziegler


Xavier Perez-Costa


Coffee break

S2 - What is wrong with networking?

Cedric Westphal


Artur Hecker


Slawomir Kuklinski


Luis Cordeiro


Social Dinner

Tuesday, November 23rd

W1-Nework issues

Coffee break

S3 - What is wrong with networks?

Matthew Finkel

TOR foundation (US)

Arianna Schuler Scott


Stuart Clayman


David Lund



S4 - What is the Internet now?

Mika Skarp


Xavier Priem


Jose Legatheau Martins

Un. Nova de Lisboa

Dirk Trossen

Huawei Technologies Germany

Coffee break

W2-Final Panel discussion

Closing of the event

Event Speakers

We are working on an exciting list of distinguished speakers and panelists, experts in the emerging area of 6G networking. Stay tuned!

Speaker 1

Mika Skarp

Senior Product Manager, Cumucore Oy Finland

Speaker 6

Volker Ziegler

6G Leadership, Chief Architect, Nokia Bell Labs, Germany.

Speaker 6

Cedric Westphal

Futurewei, USA

Speaker 5

José Legatheaux

Professor, NOVA FCT, Lisbon, Portugal

Speaker 4

Dr. Sebastian Robitzsch

InterDigital Europe Ltd, United Kingdom

Speaker 2

Xavier Costa-Pérez

ICREA Research Professor, Scientific Director at the i2cat Research Center and Head of 6G R&D at NEC Laboratories, Spain and Germany

Speaker 3

Dr. Stuart Clayman

Dept of Electronic Engineering, University College London, UK

Speaker 6

Sławomir Kukliński

Orange Polska and Warsaw University of Technology

Speaker 6

Arianna Schuler Scott

SafeNetics, United Kingdom

Speaker 6

Luis Cordeiro

OneSource, Portugal

Speaker 6

Artur Hecker

Director of Future Network Technologies, Huawei Munich Research Centre, Germany

Speaker 6

Matthew Finkel

Applications Team Lead, The Tor Project, USA.

Event Venue

The International Symposium on 6G Networking will be held at at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Lisbon. The hotel is located near the city center.

We have arranged a discounted price for accomodating the event participants. To make a reservation please, complete this accommodation booking form as soon as possible and send it to the hotel.


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